1 day TRAINING Meeting Architecture Process in BRUSSELS

1 Apr 2014 09:00
1 Apr 2014 16:30
NH Hotel Atlanta: Brussels, Belgium.
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1 DAY MAP TRAINING: Brussels, April 1st, 2014 , MPI-Belgium 

5 Day Boot-Camp Meeting Architecture

26 May 2014 09:00
30 May 2014 17:00
Cartagena, Colombia
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The 5 Day Boot-camp Meeting Architecture is an intense and hands-on Training programme on all the Meeting Architecture core elements. It totally focuses on Objective based design of meetings. People that join this training are meeting planners, meeting designers, meeting producers, etc.

Government event managers take MAP training

Group of 41 government event managers chooses to invest in the meeting architecture process training and dive into the action right away.  250 youth coordinators from cities and villages all over Flanders, Belgium gathered for a three day conference in Malle in the Green heart of Belgium. 41 participants chose to do the Meeting Architecture

Why Should I take a MAP™ training.


The meeting industry is a young and developing industry.  The recent crises have all shown its vulnerability.  One of the big challenges we face is the lack of influence we - the Meeting Professionals -  have on the meeting itself, its content, its format, its substance.

Meeting Architecture moving forward

Project Meeting Architecture is set up in 2010 and runs for two years of productive work in 2011 and -2012. A group of top leaders in the meeting industry gathers in support of the Future discipline of Meeting Architecture.
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