We believe ...

  • Meetings have the potential to create significantly greater value for stakeholders through better design of content and format.
  • Meetings provide value for stakeholders through the actions of the participants and meetings are therefore designed to reinforce or change participant behaviour.
  • Meeting Architecture is the discipline of designing executing and measuring objective based meetings; the experience, content, format and context in order to facilitate the desired reinforcement or change in participant behaviour and thus provide greater value for stakeholders.
  • The Meeting Architect does not create the meeting on his/her own. Meetings logistics professionals are specialists who make sure that all aspects of operations and logistics are perfect and delivered at the lowest achievable cost. They are equally important and their professional skills need to be further developed.
  • In order to realise the full potential of Meeting Architecture, we invite everyone involved in the industry need to work together, putting the common interest of the industry before the interests of individual associations, educational institutions or other stakeholders. Only by sharing and collaborating, can we create significant global impact.
  • We need recognised and consistent education, ultimately at university level as well as professional development by industry organisations in order to realise the full potential of Meeting Architecture.